8 Fun Facts

  1. I’m REALLY greedy. I think about food all day every day. If I intend to eat extra piggish when going out, I will wear very roomy clothing.
  2. I have a huge sweet tooth.
  3. I’m an island girl but I love cold weather.
  4. I hate needles. I’ve given birth 3 times, once natural and had to get a numbing needle before getting an IV because of my fear of needles. For my glucose test, I tried to bargain with the nurse to get a lesser amount of blood drawn. I also told him to count to ten then stick me randomly or I’ll freak out.
  5. One of my most embarrassing moments was during college when I attempted to get rid of the freshman 15. I was on the treadmill; it was on “fast walk” speed. I was studying for my Anthropology test. I decided to change to running speed but wanted to put my book down first. I stepped off the sides of the treadmill to put the book down. I step back on forgetting I had it on and on running speed and immediately got thrown into the stair master behind me. The gym was PACKED. I tried to play it off by getting up and trying to jump back on the treadmill but the young lady beside me decided to bring more attention to me by loudly saying “OMG, are you ok?” I appreciated and thanked her but wanted to crawl under a rock. I ran for about 5 min then quickly left the gym. My side, back and left leg was sore for about a week.
  6. My second most embarrassing moment was my head banging into a glass door. I was at a packed house party. The door was opened for most of the night. As the crowd was getting louder, the host decided to close the door. Unbeknownst to me, I walked right into the door head first, looking down while I was attempting to seek quiet for a phone call. My head made such a loud noise that the DJ cut the music off to see if I was ok. Talk about extra embarrassing.
  7. I’m a nerd who’s obsessed with board games. I’m also VERY competitive.
  8. I can’t sleep on wrinkled sheets. When going to bed, I double check to make sure the sheets are wrinkle free after taking off the blanket before getting in.