About Me

Ever heard of the saying, “Jamaicans always ave more dan one job?” Well, I suppose I’ve lived up to that saying in my 30 something years of life. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica, my parents migrated to the United States in the early 90s in pursuit of the “American Dream.” I now live in sunny Southern California with my husband, a SgtMaj in the Marine Corps, our 3 gorgeous and amazing sons and our family dog.

Growing up, I wanted to be a pediatrician. That dream changed once I got to college, partially because I hated chemistry and knew I’d have to take organic chemistry, eeek, but also because I fell in love with all things entertainment after taking an improv class as an elective.

I found myself being more excited to venture to the theatre department than I did wanting to study biology. I decided to follow my dreams. Today,  I’m a filmmaker, actress, screenwriter and philanthropist. I get to live out my passion for wanting to help children by being part of the Board of Directors for the S.T.A.R. Foundation and volunteering for the Red Eye Inc. Both organization focuses on the betterment of our youth. You can also find me fighting for women’s rights with “A Walking Virtue” as well as assisting wounded service members and their families as an Event Manager with the Semper Fi Fund.

After polling some of my friends and family members to describe me using only 3 attributes, here are the top responses I received.

Tenacious: I don’t like nor do I believe in the word no. It’s easier for me to accept a “not right now.” Hearing the word no, sparks a fire in me and sets me on a path that won’t allow me to let up until I’ve accomplished whatever it is I set out to do. I don’t believe in settling or being mediocre. We’re given one life to live so why not push the limits and be all you can be?

Compassionate: I operate from a place of compassion in everything I do. If I can be of service to someone, I am more than happy to do so. I believe we are placed on earth to live a great life but also to serve one another. In remaining humble and being a blessing to others, we in turn will be blessed to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Intelligent: I’ve always had a very inquisitive and overactive mind. My brain doesn’t shut down easily and often keeps me up at night with random questions and ideas. It’s both a blessing and a curse but I embrace it mostly as a blessing. I never allow myself to stay stagnant, I’m a risk taker. I love learning and trying new things. To relax, one of my most favorite past times is curling up with a comfy blanket, some tea or coffee while watching a compelling movie or reading an enticing script or book.

If you’d like to know more about me or would like to work with me on your next film project or hire me as a military spouse consultant, head over to the “contact” tab and send me an email. Check out my company, Ellington Productions‘ slate of film and television projects.

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