“47 Days” the movie

See this fiiiiine marine? That’s my hubby. 😉 Ow!! So, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to write his story of his days on the battlefield and turn it into a movie. He’s been in battle quite a few times and I’ve had a hard time pinpointing what stories to write about and what to leave out.

I’ve finally come up with the title and locked down the beat sheet (outline) for what it’ll be about. I’m 90% done with writing it and I’m OVER THE MOON excited for the world to see it!! It’s going to be a roller coaster of emotions for movie goers. It’ll be filled with lots of heart, inspiration, humor and hard battle scenes.

If you want more info on this super cool project, head over to www.ellingtonproductions.com for a breakdown and any new info I’ll be releasing about it. I’ll try to update this page as well.

Wish me luck!