Letting Go

Ever have the feeling like everyone else’s life seems to be in order but yours isn’t? Yeah, I’m right there with you.

I’ve had to purposely stop myself from those thoughts and just be grateful and happy with where I am and realize that if I accomplished everything I wanted to at this moment, I wouldn’t have enough time in the day to get it all done. While I can and often survive on only 4 hours of sleep, pacing is important. I have to force myself to stop working after I certain time or I’ll be a zombie the next day no matter how many coffees I drink, lol.

While I may think I’m not doing much in life, I have done so much in my short time on this earth. I have a wonderful family that I work hard to make sure are all well taken care of. I think just taking care of home with a hubby, 3 children and a dog is a big enough job. Add on a hubby who’s in the military and having to take on an active role in the military community and I think that’s a busy schedule. But wait… there’s more… Add on a day job AND opening up my own film production company, writing screenplays, volunteering and you’d think I have multiple personalities who all love to work and do random, out of the norm jobs, lol. It’s too bad I can’t have a clone.

I’m learning to let go or use time blocks to manage my time and schedule better but when you think of all that’s on my plate, there is no way I should ever feel like I’m not doing enough. Plus, I have no idea nor is it my business to know how or what others are doing, I should just mind my own business and stay in my already packed lane. lol

Hope this helps someone snap out of staring at other folks’ garden and just focus on tending to your own. No problem in admiring others and what they’re doing but do a heart check to make sure your admiration doesn’t turn to hurt, jealously or frustration.