Shut Down

Do you ever take time to shut down? Like a mental, physical or emotional shut down? 2017 seems to be a “valley” year for me. I’ve had so many “quick sand” moments where I’ve started something or worked on something only to get overwhelmed or things not turn out the way I’d like. Feels like I’m stuck in quick sand!

In the past, I’d get frustrated and go in shut down mode. As a way to protect my mind and heart. I still go in shut down mode but now I make sure that there’s a real purpose and I dig deep and try to figure out the lesson in it. I typically ask myself these questions: Was this a me thing or a God thing? What went wrong? Why did I get involved with this?  Why did it turn out the way it did? What was my part in this? Was this a win or loss? Why? Can I fix this? Should I fix this? Can I try again? Should I try again? Usually the first question answers the rest of the questions but as I get older, I realize that my tolerance for foolishness is getting thin.

I LOVE people, unconditionally. I am also very aware that demons get assigned to me to thwart God’s plan for my life. My job is to stay attuned to what God is doing in my life so I can recognize easily when it’s a demonic attack. Not trying to call people demons, lol. Often times people won’t know they’re being used to bring chaos to me. I never point that out to them either 😉 I simply go in shut down mode, pray and wait for the lesson to reveal itself. It always does. Sometimes it’s right away, sometimes it takes a while but I always get answers.

I must be a huge threat to the devil because he’s been attacking so much lately. It’s exhausting! It’s frustrating! I wanna scream all the time! (I do scream in the shower from time to time 😉 ) I wanna give in! But then I realize I serve a BIG BIG God!! A GOOD GOOD God! A father who’ll never leave me and will never let me fall. He’s always with me.

I’m excited and can’t wait to see what happens from all the attacks. Either way, the devil should know he ain’t gonna win!! No sir! lol.

If anyone feels overwhelmed or like you’re drowning with attacks, HANG ON!!! Please don’t give up. Switch your mindset to the fact that you are da bomb!!!! And have a HUGE calling on your life because the devil only comes to attack those who are living for and called by God. Never to those already on his side!