Snap Out Of It

Hey peeps!

Isn’t it interesting that sometimes you get so bogged down with life and it’s problems that you become blinded to how you see yourself vs how God or others see you? I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine the other day and after we stopped talking, I felt like she was talking about someone else. SMH.

I realized that in the midst of all the bad things happening in my life, I had become so cold and distant to my true self. She had such a high evaluation of who she saw me as. The conversation stuck with me for a few days. I even had a mini meltdown about it. I had to ask God where I went wrong and stopped believing in me the way I once did.

I feel like God planned that conversation because I was in such a depressed state where I’d burst into tears randomly throughout the day. Which in turn made me feel soooo weak and unable to fulfill my purpose. It was the strangest thing. I’m not going to nor will I ever fully claim the “d” word since that’s a lie from the pit of hell and I do not stand in agreement with that. I do think that I allowed myself to get to that state and had to fight so very hard to get out of it. I’m usually such a happy and perky person. One who folks would turn to for a “pick me up” but instead, I needed to be picked up.

I’m so grateful that God allowed that conversation to snap me out of that funk. I still have my moments of feeling like I’m not doing enough in life but thankfully, I look at my life, my family, what I’ve accomplished so far for God and my mindset. I realize I am exactly where I need to be.

I hope this post helps someone who may be feeling the same way.