About Me

Kerry-Ann Ellington Age- 34

Kerry-Ann is a native of the beautiful island of Jamaica. As a child, her focus and determination on her education proved successful as she was always in the top of her classes. She believed that a strong and firm educational background was necessary in being able to make a difference in the world. In 1994, her family migrated to the U.S in search of the American dream. She attended Crystal Lake Middle in Margate, FL. She then went on to complete the arduous Pre Medical Magnet program and graduated with honors and in the top 10 percent of her class at Ely High school in Pompano Beach FL. Upon graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Kerry-Ann relocated to California with her husband Delwin, a 1stSgt in the Marine Corps. They currently reside in Southern California with their 3 gorgeous boys and their family dog Chip.

Blessed with the chance to move to a state where she could pursue her passion for acting and modeling, Kerry-Ann is also a community activist and philanthropist. She lends a hand to various organizations in support of military families as well as female empowerment and youth mentorship.

Kerry-Ann is the Co-Founder of “A Walking Virtue,” a collective of young, artistic women from Los Angeles, CA, who cultivate healthy relationships through a sisterhood of creativity.
Working as an Event Manager for the Semper Fi Fund, an organization that provides financial assistance to wounded and critically ill service members who were injured after 9/11 has been extremely rewarding for her. Due to her work ethic and service driven heart for military families, Kerry-Ann was blessed with the opportunity to meet one of her idols, Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Along with 29 other hard working and dedicated military spouses, she was a recipient of “Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012.”

Her passion for making sure our youth focuses on their goals in life led her to be on the Board of Directors for the S.T.A.R Foundation, a cause that teaches young people to abstain from sex. They also teach sex education to make sure our young people are aware of the dangers of having sex at an early age. On any given Saturday, you can find Kerry-Ann at the Watts neighborhood’s Imperial Courts playground in Los Angeles, CA where she mentors some of the most adorable children ever through the Red Eye Inc organization.

In her spare time, Kerry-Ann loves doing fun activities with her family and friends. “I am a bit of a risk taker and will try anything at least once. Once I fall in love with an activity, I will try my best to master it.” She also enjoys cooking, baking, writing, reading and a sinful obsession with board games. “It brings me great joy to be able to live out my God given purpose in life. I believe that a life filled with purpose and service, is a blessed one.”


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